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lexi_priest Semi happy girl who keeps to herself.
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10 facts about me

Facts about me

Some people think they know me, but they don't. I lie to my friends and don't tell them everything so what's better than to say 10 facts about me

I'm warning u, they might not be interesting so don't be mad or however your gonna react if there not

1. I have twin brothers who are dead

2. I was harassed during the end of my 8th grade year by my brother and his friend

3. I was physically, verbally, and emotionally abused by my parents as I grew up, they stopped now

4. I have anger issues and my parents won't let me see a counselor about it

5. My brother hurts me and acts innocent if I say anything to my parents

6. I bottle up my emotions so I'm not as emotional and perky and happy as I was in elementary school

7. I am bisexual and it took me a while to realize that

8. Each time someone yells at me all I hear is your useless, no one loves you, your helpless, go and die, kill yourself

9. My brother wants me dead and I know cause he said to me one day "kill yourself"

10. I don't feel love, I never felt love so I don't know what it feels like and if I even say I love you there is no love in it and all I feel from others is there hate

So that was 10 facts about me they might not have been interesting but now you know a little about me.

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