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a piece for a friend who wrote a piece for a friend


by lexi

an open letter for that one friend

(who wrote that one piece for that one friend)

it is near impossible to express words

for emotions that propel the most violent convulsions

inside your heartbeat movements, spurring

tireless nights and open wounds

so you can imagine how inadequately i will write

based off other words, based off other emotions

i never have experienced, and never will

for nothing will ever amount to sorrows

that inspire from a connection between a pair no one else can ever be a part of

thus it is cliche to tell you that you are not alone

because, truthfully, no one will ever understand fully

(a most unfortunate symptom of human experience)

i can tell you this, however.

for each day that passes that you glance in a direction

that is not forward

and momentarily, even just for a second

forget why you try to forget

...and, most painfully

why you try to remember

i stand promptly behind your path

blocking your entrance to recluse and defeat

because maybe sometimes you are meant to be alone

in your thoughts

and most poignant moments of emotional weakness

but you should never have to be without

another human’s presence

in your moments of healing

moving onward and beyond with a friend to fall back onto.

(a most positive symptom of human experience).

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