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the parts of me i'm still loyal to


by lexi

describe yourself.

the summer of ‘15 was still innocent

the thorns from blackberry picking caught blood

but no boy ever did.

and when i think about the hurricane

that swept up my knees from underneath the next year

the gnawing reality of death, the numbing sensation of

someone you choose to love who left

the fruit of ‘16 turned into sour wine

describe yourself.

i suppose if i traveled far enough

i could trace my roots back to doll houses

and imaginary horse sidekicks, tea parties and

a lingering thought that i was older than my body said

but if i pedal slightly forward i find myself

at the mercy of a 12 year old boy with freckles across his nose


how i may choose the pieces of my salvation

my downfall, and my final creation

as if any pieces of me were disposable from

the get-go


is a collection of broken stained glass

but you do not get to decide which pieces to keep

for they all form the same thing in the end

a string of blackberry stained summers, cold blood

all the same

(describe myself).

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