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lexitrains of thought
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a poem i wrote awhile ago about another human who i loved very much


by lexi

and it’s just, for a moment please imagine the way he talks

and how he, quiet pride and strident stature

speaks of his father like he speaks of church

holds an air like murderous rain and temper like suns

and imagine that he reminds me, mostly, of june

indulges in passions larger than one silhouette

(could ever healthily maintain)

spills his words without thinking, without needing

and digs up the last of me i kept in paper

and i know, i know how tired these words are

(but for a moment, please, imagine how)

he smirks at his own jokes

and how he loves to the ends of his bones

for i can no longer allow myself to do so because

imagine having to let go of his hands

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