he has always been who you thought he was
he has always been who you thought he was poems stories

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an observation of that boy you think is special

he has always been who you thought he was

by lexi

his palms are warm because he fills them with

etchings of dates and numbers, like you

like the way the world leaves grass stains on your laundry

like words on paper, like scars on people

his dreams, he says, are bigger than yours

and you listen about the sugar plums and the stars

and about the girl he has loved since the seventh grade

his dreams are bigger than yours

but not bigger than you

his words have always been oil spills of color

dimensions of the flesh ripped to open wounds

leaving ink stains on your kitchen floor

you open your hands and he gets angry when

you only catch red

his heart is beating fuschia

contained by his fists and what he thinks is the truth

so the next time he tells you he cares

watch the corners of his mouth rise

in an attempt

to fit compassion into his mouth

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