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lexitrains of thought
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how lucky we must be
without any guarantees


by lexi

have you seen them too

flowery poems of the same kind

each proclaiming their love was meant to be

at their first sight

of heartbeat pacing and how

in them, something changed inside

they say they always knew somehow

they always knew

and, even so, five years prior

we were not once, in those five years ever on the same frequency or vibration

not once, i would say, did i ever feel

my heart jump at your voice

not once, i would think, did i pinpoint our stars connecting

in the same constellation

have you seen them too?

and wondered how they could manage what a privilege, it must be, for you and i

to have witnessed each other grow

to fight, to fall, to watch death, to stall

to feel, to cry, to replace a home

five years and not once, i would say

did i ever truly know

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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This was simply beautiful. I appreciated excellent wordcraft. You are an exceptional wordsmith. I was compelled while reading to visualize this on, perhaps, parchment hand lettered. That is where it belongs. You wove your verses into a rich blanket of colors and hues. The thoughts and message could not have been more clear. I think you showed me that you have a clear grasp on reality. A healthy outlook on love and life. I am impressed. Great work!!!!!!