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i swore you were the best thing


by lexi

and should you think, for one second

that this heart is no longer your home

do not give it the pleasure, i beg you, of letting go

for what beating blood, life, and flesh

can emit the same iterations as yours

breathe in slowly, please, and open back up a few doors

for what pair of retinas can perceive

the same proportions of color as you

your eyelids are sails

and your oceans are blue

i tell you that yours is the purest soul

i have ever had the privilege to touch

and from me, i guess

that won't say very much

but please hear me out because

the biggest mistake i could commit

would be to not remind you of what you mean

and to let you forget

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lexiCommabassadortrains of thought
8 months ago
and thats about as personal as it gets, folks

lexiCommabassadortrains of thought
a year ago
"why live in the past"

lexiCommabassadortrains of thought
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lindentreesI come from the Linden trees
4 months agoReply
"your eyelids are sails//and your oceans are blue" I won't forget that anytime soon, wonderful imagery *^*

kaylynnGifted WriterAwkward writer girl @TheSilentWriter23
7 months agoReply
Wow!!! This was amazing! You words and pictures flow very nicely with one another. Very impressed! Keep up the great work! :)

ivoryannaliseCommabassadorWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
7 months agoReply
This was really good! I really liked that between your pictures and your words! :D

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
This is beautiful. And it is written with words that evoke warmth and sentimentality. But it is not the least bit cloying. Great poem!!!!