black coffee
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lexitrains of thought
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some things taste bitter no matter how you change it

black coffee

by lexi

what was it?

somewhere weaved in my sunsets and late night texts

the inevitability that you would move on too

escaped my thoughts

just like you

that your year of apologies

text messages on christmas eve

gnawing sense of loss and crude honesty

drunken calls and the heavy in your chest

would cease quicker than i left.

what was it?

the crying, the cold showers

the punching of walls, re-reading who we were

the lack of us, the lack of guts

the time passing, the feeling of

her palms in yours?

what was it that cut you loose besides me and you

that i forced you to find sometime, somewhere

just so we could breathe again?

whatever it may be, wherever you

found your cure

sometime, somewhere

i hope you could share

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This was a exquisite. Your allusions and multiple metaphors to bitter were ingenious. Great job!!!!!!!!