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"why live in the past"


by lexi

i live there because that is where i left myself last

that girl—she is hell-bent on never getting married

keeps ten journals to sketch ten cities that aren’t home

says her favorite day is sunday and has written fifty different poems

about a boy with freckles across his nose

her memory, truthfully, was never as bad as she thinks it is

she calls herself self-aware more than she calls

her friends for help

says she is too young to understand love

pretends she doesn’t like romantic dramas

and draws carelessly on her face with dark brown eyeliner

(she still thinks it widens her almond eyes)

that girl

she does not love you at all

would rather dig her grave than admit that

she cares about you, that she actually enjoys listening to you ramble about your father

she only thinks about you maybe twice a month

would rather write more poems about the freckled boy

than admit you’re more than a friend to her

i live there because

i’ll admit to liking cheesy romcoms and to that my favorite day is actually wednesday but i am not that girl anymore

and it’s easier to pretend i like sundays

than pretend i didn’t just write a poem about you

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