atomic waste and heartbreak
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things i might not admit later // (a goodbye, if you needed it)

atomic waste and heartbreak

by lexi

if it helps:

the moment after i cut myself loose from you

my seat was a puddle of tears in piercing crimson

for at least an hour, i must have been crying.

if it helps:

i wrote the most wonderful things under your influence

part of you remains in my journals, like the corsage

pressed in their pages and the “i am not me without you”

burnt in the edges.

if it helps:

for months on end my eyes were glitter

and my stomach sewn into knots of nostalgia

of how we met, of who we were to become

for months on end i swore — to my friends and to my own grave

i would never leave.

if it helps

(and i hope it does)

while i cannot reciprocate the stabs in your chest

that you feel now

i felt them too (for months on end)

and i believe (honestly, truly) you will feel them for someone else

in the form of glittery eyes

and journal entries talking of atomic attachment

if it helps:

i do not love you anymore

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