You Wanted Photos But I'm Not a Photographer
You Wanted Photos But I'm Not a Photographer original stories

lettucep Just here to do whatever I feel
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I was just a little heated after something my boyfriend said to me recently. I just wanted to let out my frustration, and I feel better now that it's out. Sorry for anyone having to read this sappy list of words.

You Wanted Photos But I'm Not a Photographer

You ask me to take photos of things

Capture them on video

Cast them up on a wall and call it art

You want me to do something that I cannot do perfectly, amazing, or professionally.

I can learn it

Drive a nail through my soul to incorporate it into my being

I breathe photography

I am photography

I am art

But don't you want my poems? My writing?

Don't you prefer the one thing I'm better at

Than the one I am not

I may not use all the fancy words

Follow a strict format in making My writings

Don't rhyme

Sometimes, I question if I even make my point out in these

But would you want that still, Dear?

Do I not get your heart racing when you read these words

That only you can understand

And I'm so sure I'm good at telling my feelings

Because my words are the only virtue I value left in this world

So, take my poems as they are:


As they

should be


Like reading the bible


Like the way my eyes look and dart around in a room you're not in when I hear your name aloud

Baby, love me for my writing

Not because I can take a picture half-decently for you

Or video you to make you "Youtube-famous"


Love the way I write this entire thing naively for the world to see

Seen by almost no one

Yet by everyone

Wouldn't that be a fun oxymoron?

So yeah,

You wanted photos



I'm not a photographer

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