Selfish pain stories
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letspretend Nineteen and confused.
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by letspretend

In my 15 years of living, I've realised pain is selfish.

It comes when it wants to, it takes what it wants to and it leaves you alone in the end. It leaves you with voices inside of your head.

Angry voices, sad ones,caring ones, soft ones, loud ones; but all the same in the end. They shout and scream at you, curse you to the ends of the earth and tell you you're not good enough.

All the same in the end; because its all just one voice, isn' t it? Because we are the greatest terror to ourselves, aren't we? We love and hate ourselves more than anyone else could.

I hope to God you never feel this way, I hope to God you can't relate to what I am saying. Because this is Hell.

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