Oh, society;
Oh, society; stories

letspretendSixteen and confused.
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Oh, society;

by letspretend

Listen to those before you.

You have scorned them, you know? You've taken the hopes our future held and crushed it, you have replaced it with the sayings of those before them, you say they should listen to their elders.

Listen to them

They teach their children to read and write, they teach them to differentiate between good and bad, so that one day they will live to their fullest and accomplish greatness.

because they survived.

How utterly hypocritical of you. You give them education, you give them choices, you give them freedom until you force expectations upon them, that's not choice. You say; listen, I'm older.

They've survived; they're alive.

How can you give them the option of their dream and snatch it away from them the minute you seem fit?; Doctor, lawyer, businessman. These are your choices. But what about passion?

But are they living now?

They, our future, are confused. They're lost and afraid in a world they are being forced to grow accustom to. You've created the world you live in now, why can't they?

Were they living then?

Why can't you allow them to sculpt their own future? If they fall, pick them up. If they fail, help them find a different route. Encouragement leads to success, do not make it seem reversed.

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