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letspretendSixteen and confused.
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by letspretend

How I become myself;

You dreamed of me in a nightmare once, you were alone in this universe and you'd only ever known sadness. I looked at you, your broken state and I'd decided then that I'd stay with you.

How you grew;

From baby to toddler, from your first loose tooth to your first new one I was with you; you'd call me many things, mostly because you'd forgotten the name you'd given me the day before.

They called you crazy.

Who is he talking to? Himself? They didn't see what you saw, they didn't, those grown ups. They didn't see because they didn't believe, but you did. You believed in me.


I celebrated your 18th birthday with you, slowly but surely, I begun to fade away. You were forgetting about me; I was being lost in your childhood memories.

you lost me.

You grew up, eventually. I wasn't sad, I knew you'd have to become one of them one day, an adult. I was happy when I saw you walk away from your childhood to adulthood- I cheered you on.


I was your temporary happiness, to take you away from whatever it is you wanted to so desperately escape. Now, I fade away into nothing, and become nothing more than a part of your imagination.

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