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letspretendFifteen and confused.
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by letspretend


Women should be treated with the utmost respect, they should be shown kindness at all times and have not a single harm come to them, shouldn't this apply to men as well?


Not all strength is physical; emotional strength is real as well- and it's not only women who need it. Men should not be told to 'grow a pair' or to 'man up' when they are in need of this help.


See a woman on the street, compliment her. See a man on the street? Do the same. Kindness shouldn't stop half way- it should go all around.

Expectations; women

In a world where beauty lies in slim bodies and faces of make-up, complimented by tight clothes and high heels; she is confused.

and men.

And in a society where he's expected to be strong and independent, don't you think he'll feel more obligated than have the truest need to be strong? Even for himself.

Listen to me;

No matter who you are, what race you're in, your religion or culture; you are beautiful. You were born beautiful and you will die beautiful. God is flawless, he makes no mistakes.

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letspretendFifteen and confused.
8 months ago
Dear little brother;

letspretendFifteen and confused.
a year ago

letspretendFifteen and confused.
4 months ago
she, her, they;

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Very well written. You showed great insight into the equality equation. I loved this essay. Great job!!