Dear sculptors;
Dear sculptors;  teacher stories
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letspretendSixteen and confused.
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Dear sculptors;

by letspretend

To my oldest adviser;

Unfortunately, I have yet to meet you. I have yet to sit in one of your classrooms, or partake in one of your lectures; I don't know what you look like or the lessons you would like to teach me

I have yet to eagerly listen to your tales of fortune and misfortune and you have yet to change my life for the better;

unfortunately the educators before you have yet to fill my mind with joy or hope for the future; they'd only ever shot me down and dragged me through the mud.

They're a beautiful thing; teachers, truly they are. They are capable of filling your mind to the brim of ideas and plans for the future; they give us dream and hope and ambition.

To my dearest adviser;

Come quickly, there is so much more I still need to be taught before I am able to take on the world. Until then, I will be waiting eagerly for your approach, I will work hard until then.

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