Dear Big Brother;
Dear Big Brother;  sibling stories
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letspretend Nineteen and confused.
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Dear Big Brother;

by letspretend

I remember when we used to make fires, we would hold the marshmallows over the fire and watch them burn, then we'd naively shout, "Oops" and try again.

I remember we used to travel a lot and whether by car or plane we would never rest, our minds always racing past the cars and clouds. We would talk until we reached our destination.

I remember you used to play make-believe with me, you would tell me right from wrong and you would push me out of the room when our parents fought, but now...

now, the fire has gone out, the car is silent as we each look out our own windows and you're the one yelling at me, that is, if you talk to me at all.

My dear big brother, I know you've grown up; but can't you spare me just a few moments more?

My dear big brother, I'm an older sibling now, do you have any advice for me? I could use some help, I'm a bit confused.

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