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lethiouspiecing it together
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What creates her perfection, is that she’s not.


her being is a paragon

almost that of a god

locked in awe

searching for her non-existent flaws

never ending journey

hurry and maybe you can see

merci for staying with me

serenity at her finger tips

gentle lips

perfected script

adrift on Styx

honey wisps

sunny trips

lovely kiss

drowned in the sound of you

ever grateful for our rendezvous

encased in her gaze

extra-ordinary of the centenary

honoring your emissary

there are simply not enough words in the dictionary

id write you libraries my luminary

your grace is planetary

once in a life as a cometary

meet at the estuary

i become your lapidary

shame our life’s are temporary

i wish to stay in your sanctuary for another quaternary

her divinity is momentary

deserving a statuary of great skill

capture her for what is real

she, is the story to tell

pass throughout time

everlasting remembrance of what was mine

she’s my shrine

stars aligned

from the vines in the sky

minds entwined

refined design

love to asinine

genuine shine

what creates her perfection,

is that she’s not.

therefore she is the paragon,

of paradox.

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