navajo code talkers
navajo code talkers confusion stories

lethious piecing it together
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your cryptic lyrics. I’m a victim to your mystic mythic..

navajo code talkers

it’s true, you do.

have a beautiful mind.

but I’m blind

i cannot see the words behind yours. i do not have the key. i simply cannot read

your cryptic lyrics. im a victim to your mystic mythic

i cannot break your code.

but i do truly want to know. my eyes are sewed. maybe i should’ve picked the less complex mode.

i simply just don’t, posses the antidote.

lay me to float. i’ll sink in this boat.

sorry I couldn’t see the hypothetical envelope

down I go

still reading the anecdotes I wrote, for you

easier to comprehend

wish it was like that on both ends

if only we could pretend.

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