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the beginning of the end, lost love and new friends

luna lucifer

luna lucifer

where do i begin?

from the start, or better yet

lets pick up from the end.

sad and plaid.

i fell into a pattern again.

i mourn before the death.

i grieve in-between,

the words said.

shortened breath..

lost convene.

my vice,

to inadvertently demean.

dressed in depression.

and i start to believe,

the cause is me.

demise is free.


silent silene,

a weed of the green.

violet little friend,

dont you know violence leads ahead?


think with your head.

your heart to apprehend.

glance the portend.

path flooded with wisteria,

the thorns wont stem.

adorn, we'll descend.

into the storm,

we will befriend.

i yearn to reap.

i burn to keep these,

fleeting thoughts

inside of me.

she always trusted

her discern.

intoxicated sauterne,

you were always drunk.

sober sauntered,

the day i conquered.

it was an honor,

to slaughter another

fosters image of me.

i spoke so feeble,

told of evil.

my grievous people,

demoned lethal..

im sorry that you fell in love.

and i'm sorry that,

i was not enough.

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