The Sea Has No Mercy -by Alphawrites
The Sea Has No Mercy
-by Alphawrites  short fiction stories

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"I saw your wrecked ship wash ashore and I decided to come and see if anyone survived but it looks like you are the only one” the man explained.

The Sea Has No Mercy -by Alphawrites

The forces acting on the ship in the storm were heavy. The captain cautioned his men to try and get some of the water the storm had dumped aboard of the ship or else it would sink under the water’s weight.

If there was something he had grown very much attached to, it would be his ship.

Growing up, he had always wanted to be a captain and sail across world but his father refused to take him on any of his voyages. However he would tell him tales from the sea anytime he was back from his voyage. "Pa, why don't you want to take me with you to the sea?" he asked one day. “You can't imagine the dangers you can encounter on the sea. The sea has no mercy” he would say.

But that didn't stop Kataba from holding on to his dream of becoming a captain. And now he is. He had been on many voyages and each time he encounter a storm, he manoeuvres his way out. He was known in almost every continent as the captain who worked magic with his ship.

He always beat a storm but this one seemed different. This time it was too heavy for him to handle and the muttering of the thunder made it worse. The ship would swing left and to the right- simply following where the heavy wind will take it.

While his men worked tirelessly to get all the water from the ship, he worked his magic trying to sail the ship to safety. He was trying to sail the ship at an angle to the wind, as close as possible to directly into the oncoming waves. This was one of the escapes that usually worked for him. Then there was a thump!

The ship had crushed into an iceberg. This sent an adrenaline rush into captain Kataba. He left the wheel to get his men to safety but he was late. The ship broke into halves and the first half sank sending some of his men below the sea. The other half they held on to also made its way slowly down the sea. Then everything went black.

Black crows sprawl across the sky, crowing in a form that seemed like a chorus. Captain Kataba opened his eyes slowly.

“Where am I?” he asked. “Am I in heaven?” he asked again after not getting an answer to his first question. Then he saw a light draw closer. Was that the light people saw when they die? He thought.

The swinging yellow light drew more closer. He forced himself up and took a step towards the light then he saw a blurry figure of a man behind the light. “Are you the angel of death?” he bemoaned. “Haha no." the man answered in amusement.

"I saw your wrecked ship wash ashore and I decided to come and see if anyone survived but it looks like you are the only one” the man explained.

The End

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