Just another day
Just another day 
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By Me (lesbihonest on rolemance) & SLOWROLE on rolemance

Just another day

by Me (lesbihonest on rolemance) & SLOWROLE on rolemance This is unedited, expect minor spelling mistakes and grammar issues. I'll be going through and editing over time Each new page is a switch in author, so they may be short. (in brackets at the bottom will be the author)

Emily is walking through the hall to get to her locker, tucking a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear before brushing down her long hair that falls on her shoulder. She stands 5'7 ft tall with pale complexion, slim body lacking muscles and B sized breast. She opens her locker to take her books, a notebook and her math class book as she lets out a soft sigh "I hate maths" She mutters under her breathe (SLOWROLE)

"shit shit shit!" indigo parks her bike at the back if the school lot and sprinting towards the door, first day of school and she got caught in traffic, "just my luck" she complains as she walks inside and starts looking around for the front office to get her schedule. She's still in her work uniform from work the night before, a white button down shirt, black jeans, and men's leather dress shoes, she left her vest in her bike trying not to look too out of place but it doesn't help that much. She has a tall skinny build standing at just over six feet tall, in her current afire she looks more like an endogenous guy than a girl with her flat chest and short boyish bleached white hair. (lesbihonest)

Emily is wearing a white tank top with small blue jacket to cover the exposed area and a blue jeans to match. Emily had gathered her books, closing her locker and starts walking towards her class. On the way her eyes falls upon Indigo, raising an eyebrow at her as she walks closer "You seem to be in trouble are you lost? Never seen you around here before" (SLOWROLE)

"thank god, you're a lifesaver" she smiles looking a little embarrassed "could you point me to the main of'Iice?" she asks, as she speaks it becomes not obvious she's a girl. "it's my first day, I need to grab my schedule and get all my classes sorted out." she explains scratching the back of her head, all too aware of the stares she is getting for her odd looks as she talks to Emily. (lesbihonest)

Emily raise an eyebrow at the person who she realize now is a woman. She points towards the end of the hallway "Just go straight down the hall and you'll find a room with a sign teacher's office" She holds her book with both hands again afterwards "I'm Emily what's yours?" ( SLOWROLE)

"Indigo, I'd love to stay and chat but I'm already late" she shakes Emily's hand, noticing she had left her glove on her cheeks get more red "I either look like a complete idiot or a douchebag, great first impression" she thinks to herself "I'll see you around, nice lipstick by the way" she waves as she sprints down the hall. (lesbihonest)

Emily eyes the woman with slight curiosity and a smile on her own face when she notices her blushing. "I suppose we can chat for another time, during break" She wave back at her, chuckling to herself as she walks towards her class with a small hum (SLOWROLE)

"I'll find you," she turns the corner into the main office to get everything set up. Luckily the first class she has is art, so being late doesn't matter too much. she'd always had a soft spot for art, tattoos especially, while she could never turn it into a career she liked sketching designs in her small black notebook at work when she's bored and business is slow. She takes off her white silk gloves, her left hand is covered in a intricate color tattoo of intertwining vines wrapping around her hand and fingers like they'd grown naturally in her skin. It's her only tattoo, running up her arm getting more dense as it gets farther up, it goes past her shoulder and stops at her collarbone, covering her left breast, small budding crimson roses start appearing about two thirds up her arm getting closer to blooming as they reach the left side of her chest where it ends. (lesbihonest)

Emily chuckles at the reply before she finally goes on her own way, walking into her math class before any other distraction happens. She brush a lock of hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear as she enters the class while scanning the room to see if there's someone she can talk to. Unfortunately none of them are remotely an acquintance since,her selection of friends aren't that many either. The class went by in a daze for her, at one moment she is thinking about the activities after classes then it skips to the figure of the woman she met before. She is Bisexual at most, least that's what she thinks she is now. But her eyes still wanders to and fro the whiteboard and window only occasionally writing down notes of new things taught before she wanders off into her own thoughts. Her brain jolted awake when the bell rang, almost in reflex she close her book and tidies up her utensils before getting up to be the first to walk out of the door. Soon enough she walks straight towards her locker to put her books back, occasionally glancing around for sight of the woman named Indigo before finally going to the cafeteria since it's break time (SLOWROLE)

After finding her locker indigo takes her premade lunch she got at the corner store on her way from work to school, she never had time to make herself lunch working the night shift so premade meals, fuit, and cups of remen tend to be her usual food selection, easy and fast to make. After wandering the halls for a few minutes she finds the cafeteria. Indigo sits down at the back corner of the cafeteria by the window, away from the main bulk of the crowd. She never did much like crowds, all the senseless gossip and stupid drama, she much preferred the peace and quiet even if she didn't make many friends, her goal was to get a highschool diploma not to be popular. (lesbihonest)

to be continued

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