shut up and get in the hearse
shut up and get in the hearse humans stories

leredoutable Inspired by silence.
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we're all the same doesn't matter you are.

shut up and get in the hearse

we're all the same doesn't matter you are.

we're all to blame.

who do you think got us this far?

we're a species of self-destructive meat sacks

persuaded we're immortals, pseudo gods made out of wax.

but i know, i know who you are.

we either die sad or in denial

we either live peacefully or suicidal

we either keep ourselves busy with a distraction

or abandon our souls to destruction

we either leave early on, forever an saint

or too late letting our innocence faint

look back on your life, how are you doing so far?

changing things? sure, go ahead i'm watching

i've already checked all the exits

there's no escaping, no running

morals don't exists, there's no ethics.

we're all trapped in here, believing in higher powers,

forever avoiding the elephant in the room, as if time was ours

soon we approach death, and, in our final conscient thought

we see the annihilation of everything for which we fought.

there's no meaning, no greater good

we're just organisms, waiting to become food

one extra step into the inevitable heat death of the universe

now, shut up and get in the hearse.

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