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leocharlesm Writer/lover of SciFi and Fantasy
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I need the Commaful Star Wars Community to tell me what Journal of Whills entry they want to hear next!

Up to You Commaful!

What will my next Journal of the Whills be?

I have a story about Mandalore the Indomitable.

The brutal warlord's uprising plagued the Galaxy and Jedi Order for years.

It is a story about non-intervention and the dangers of high-minded politicking, and the extinction event that wiped out the Basilisk.

Will this be the next Journal Entry?

Or will it be the story of the Prime Jedi.

The very first to come to Ahch-To and learn the great mystery of the Force and shape it for his use.

The Lanai, caretakers of their sacred world, would forever be changed by the blessing and curse of the founder of the Jedi religion.

A lesson learned throughout the Galaxy for ages, no?

Please vote with your comments, or by reaching out to me. I can't wait to see what the Commaful Star Wars Community wants to read about next!!

Thanks and may the Force be with you, always.

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