The Rogue part 2 The Lay of Merellde and Typho

The Rogue 
part 2

The Lay of Merellde and Typho love stories

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The story of the first Rogue Jedi takes you to ancient Ilum and Jedha, introduces the Jedi monopoly on the Kyber trade and the incredible power the Order gained. But, what is more powerful, the Force or love itself?


The Rogue part 2 The Lay of Merellde and Typho

To properly tell the story of Jedha one must first speak of the system Ilum and the treasures it held.

Ilum was the first planet colonized by the Jedi, before even Jedha;

the ice and crystal planetoid in the near-reaches of the Unknown Regions was the major exporter of the uber-rare “kaiburr” crystals (later Kyber)

which the Jedi faith hoarded to near-infamy.

Beneath the many tectonic layers of ice and non-carbon ranite and kyberite formations, the early Jedi explorers found the Force-rich gems and quickly monopolized their use and trade.

It was not until the Empire harvested the planet’s rich core to power the DS-1 and Mark-II’s weapons systems that it became the collapsed, molten-scarred planet it remains to this day.

Kyber was elemental and magical to any who interacted with it.

By all accounts it glowed and sang and had many other properties that seem to belong in a children’s bed-time story, but it was not entirely fiction.

Countless tribes all over the Galaxy worshipped the magical crystals for their power-focusing abilities and connection to the spiritual realm.

But the Jedi went to tireless efforts to collect and experiment with all the Kyber they could find.

The Ilum system was one stop away from Jedha on a well-guarded hyperspace lane and historically served as a training ground for the Jedi

and housed some of the most intricately spectacular temples in the known Galaxy, but its inhospitable ecosystem was detrimental to any proper lapidary pursuits.

Ilum was the first system colonized with the express purpose of asserting Jedi control over the Kyber; Jedha was the second.

Unlike the ice planetoid of Ilum, Jedha was a hard dessert, with burning hot days and bone-chilling nights.

Before the Empire collapsed much of the moon upon itself with weapons testing, the desserts and continent-sized mesas were home to some of the most influential spiritual craftsmen in the Galaxy.

The early Jedi families, dating back to over 9000 years BBY, founded the many temples and cities all with a singular purpose: to sift, sort, hone and craft the magical crystals of their faith.

So it is on Jedha that the noble house of Piagent became a great and influential family within the early Jedi Order.

This was a very different time for the Jedi, you see, they were encouraged to love and procreate and fill the Galaxy with more of their “light”.

It was in these times, around 7100 BBY, that Master Capul Piagent and his wife became partners in their gemcraft and in life.

Together the couple established a thriving conclave of Jedi crafters, artisans and prophets that turned their precious kaiburr into the finest crystals in the Order.

Piagent and his conclave spawned many competitors through the years, but none could compare to the finery of their Kyber; their facets, their size and breath and colors and shapes…

Though many came and went it was not until Monto Pall and his four exceptional children took up residence on an adjacent mesa,

that Piagent and his conclave were pushed to their limits.

Monto had seemingly endless resources and insight into the very heart of the Jedha lapidary trade,

insights it should have taken generations to cultivate and his shipping connections exceeded that of even the venerable house Piagent, after decades of profitable success.

Tensions mounted as a sort of Cold War broke out between the two families.

Lines were drawn and sides were chosen; from skiff captains to freighters and haulers,

even the Disciples who served the Keepers of the Whills — if Jedi legend is to be believed — were forced to pick sides in the conflict.

And though the finest Kyber crystals came from Piagent, the efficiency and security in dealing with Monto and his family was second to none and the Order took notice.

As Piagent saw his noble conclave slipping in the graces of the Jedi Order,

a momentous occurrence shattered and instantaneously reformed his world a new: his wife died giving birth to his daughter, Merellde.

He was broken inside but happier than he’d ever been, it was a duality that was impossible to reconcile without facing an abyss of self-pity.

He pushed aside his pain and guilt that such devastating loss must bring and devoted himself wholly to his Merellde.

Piagent was inspired and so too was his conclave. The crystals were more vibrant and glowed with a radiance that had never graced the Galaxy before.

Piagent watched his daughter grow and around her he placed every protective vanguard he could think of.

He surrounded her with like-aged warrior Disciples who could join her at lessons and in social settings.

His conclave constructed worming mountain caves that stretched for miles in every direction including straight down through the crust of Jedha herself.

No male served her, no male spied her, or spoke to her, or had any chance to woo her. It was the perfect plan, until, of course, it wasn’t.

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