Study of a hero: the Bugs Bunny story.
Study of a hero:

the Bugs Bunny story. cartoon stories
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leocharlesm Writer/lover of SciFi and Fantasy
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Taking a look at a legend.

Study of a hero: the Bugs Bunny story.

Bugs Bunny.

A shapeshifter, time traveler, and teleporter who used his powers to annoy and ridicule the Man.

Very witty, extremely charming and chivalrous,

and a vehement anti-hunting activist.

Bugs committed his life and extensive public career to looking out for the little guy, educating children and fighting to bring down the White Patriarchy.

Critics of Mr. Bunny like to point at his pro-vegetarian, anti-establishment record and call him a rascal or a sucker.

And although Bugs was not above name-calling, he preferred to let his critics to talk themselves into a logical corner, then simply shrug at the camera to prove his point.

He was basically the X-Men, Robbin Hood and Jim from The Office all rolled into one.


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