Thank You: A complicated word
Thank You: A complicated word stories

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Thank you is such a complicated word. Don't overuse it. Don't underuse it.

Thank You: A complicated word

Creates a smile even on the worst days

One of the best ways to make the people around you happy. You want your friends, co-workers, family, etc. to be happy right? Say it and MEAN it

Thank you gets its powers from scarcity

"Thank you" has such a strong effect on us because you have to earn it. Those words do not just appear from being idle. It's a reward for being a great friend/co-worker

Thus you need to find a balance

Reward the people who deserve it but don't devalue your "thank you"s by using it too much.

Overusing it falls on deaf ears

Thank you is no longer special when you over use it. Err on the side of overusing than underusing, but there is an upperbound as well

Thank you isn't a simple word.

But very important

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