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lennyclarke It truly is a sad state of affairs.
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This story of a teenager defying the wishes of his antivaxx mother is endearing, humorous, action packed, and romantic.


Hunter knew his mother, Karen was very sick. Since his birth, she had constantly rallied against vaccines. She attended annual protests defending her children’s right to abstain from vaccination and was part of numerous Facebook groups consisting of white moms who thought just like her.

Hunter had lost all of his friends in recent months. Since antivaxx mothers had become the biggest joke of the school, he had become the most targeted individual in his classes. Hunter had to do something.

Although Karen was antivaxx, Hunter knew his grandmother wasn’t. One day, he decided to make his move. "Grandma, I really need to tell you something." Hunter announced. "Yes Hunter, go right ahead." She replied. "The truth is, I don’t feel the same as mom about vaccines. Can you take me to receive my immunizations?"

Hunters grandmother thought he’d never ask. Although she wasn’t surprised, she didn’t think he’d ever be brave enough to defy his absolutely mad mother. "Yes Hunter, I’m so proud of you." She said contently. With that, she made a doctors appointment.

Just as it looked as though the two were going to succeed in their plan, Karen was informed of their intentions by her nosy husband. "Hunter, you don’t have any plans to... you know... get vaccinated?" She inquired with a hint of fraudulent suspicion.

Hunter was shocked, but he knew that it must have been his father who had informed her. As she waited for him to confess his intentions, he simply ran. He jumped into his grandmothers car and drove as fast as he could towards the doctors office.

Although Hunter had not yet obtained his driver’s license, he was fairly skilled due to the hours of practice he had put into learning the ways of cars. He arrived at the doctors office about an hour before his appointment.

Even though his grandmother wasn’t with him, Hunter was legally allowed to check himself into his appointment. With that, he was vaccinated. He was finally up to date on his immunizations and could now live his life to the fullest without the constant harassment he had suffered before.

As it turns out, Hunter did not contract autism. He also did not undergo the terrifying things that his mother had warned him about. Although Karen was disappointed at first, she came to accept Hunters decision. Someone who was proud of him was his grandmother, who had advocated for him unceasingly.

Hunter was extremely satisfied. He was protected from deadly, yet preventable diseases, he was safe from being the victim of antivaxx jokes, and he had changed the ways of his mother. Life was good. The End.

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