They Knew
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lennyclarke It truly is a sad state of affairs.
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A wonderful story of two teenagers who were in love, yet afraid to talk to each other.

They Knew

It was her first day at her new school when she first saw him. He was handsome, smart looking, and surrounded himself by the finest people in the entire student body. He just looked like the guy for her. The problem was, she would never work up the courage to speak with him.

From the moment he saw her, he knew that she was the one for him. Even though they had never directly spoken with each other, from what he knew, they were almost exactly alike.

As it turned out, they had two class periods together; Lunch, and AP world history. Even though he wanted to be able to talk to her, he knew that he’d only be able to look on as she went about her life.

During the classes she did happen to have with him, she would dreamily stare in his direction. He would do the same. She just knew that he liked her. She also knew that she could never make contact with him. If he wanted to befriend her, he could reach out first.

The looks she gave him filled his heart with joy. Her gaze was so soft, yet it had an almost sternness to it, as if she was frustrated with something. He knew that she felt the same about him as he did her. He had to do something, but he knew he would never be able bring himself to even greet her.

She was reluctant when her new friends encouraged her to go hang out at the homecoming dance with them. She barely knew anyone at her knew school. Yet, she relented. Why? Because she just knew he would be there.

He was elated for homecoming. He had been looking forward to the fun night all year. Usually, he didn’t hold such strong emotions towards the dance, however this year was different. He just knew she would be there.

She saw him immediately when he walked in. He was wearing an expensive looking suit along with a red tie, and shoes that reflected the light emitting from the ceiling. They made eye contact for about five seconds before his attention was diverted. She just knew that something was bound to happen that night.

Homecoming was about to end. The final song of the night, “Dancing Queen” by ABBA had begun playing. He was pushed into the center of the room by the mass of people moving about the gymnasium. Immediately, he was drawn to her. As it turns out, she was in the exact circumstances as him.

They embraced. Sharing a common emotion between each other. “I love you.” She whispered softly. “I know.” He responded understandingly. With that, the song ended. They then shared a kiss. As it turns out, it was both of their first kisses. They were finally going to be together.

They just knew that they were made for each other. The End.

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