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You act like you won, But we both know the truth:


You act like you won, But we both know the truth:

You just weren't wise, And "surprisingly" doomed.

You said I'm not logical

And waisting my time

On feelings and sadness, Can't understand who am I.

Maybe, you right, but YOU try to hide that ALL of that sunshine

I brought in your life.

You tried to stick it, to catch

And neglect.

You took it for granted, So now you regret.

You punished, you broken - And that's how you are. You struggle from passion

(you think that you are).

But you're a vimpire

You just need a source

To feel that you needed

And you need nothing to do

You're dammit a creature of God

You can't feel the usual Love.

You'd said it's no need in sympathy -


You're craving for it -

oh, what a surprise!

To help and assist Was a totrure for you. When my grandfather died, you said:

"Oh. That's not good.

I'm really sorry,

but it would be false,

if I tried to cheer up you,

because I don't want.


You stopped our friendship and said, that you don't feel happy with me as a friend.

Can't figure out why you writing me though..."

It was real shoot.

It felt like a sword.

I was trying so hard

To take what I got -

An art of accepting -

And deep in my heart

I found a reason

Of why I so mad -

Your dark side is mine,

You're a reflection of me.

I was trying to be kind

to deserve someone's love

As result to make my partner to do what I want.

You tried to look better

In my cosmic eyes

To frantically hide

that you empty inside.

And that is not bad

Because now I know

That work on myself leads to the goal.

I'm becoming brave and self-loved

Your silence helped me

to figure it out.

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