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You scrape your leg on the lip of the drain pipe, falling into a shallow puddle of water. Getting up, silently you curse your foul luck. Well, not luck per say...
THIS IS FANFIC. It'll make sense without reading the comic, but I really think you should, over on Webtoon or Tapas!

Stuff about the Shiloh webcomic

(I'm writing for a female for now, but if you're a guy just pretend it says he/him!)

You scrape your leg on the lip of the drain pipe, falling into a shallow puddle of water. Getting up, silently you curse your foul luck. Well, not luck per say...

You smile through the pain remembering the look on that jerks face before she fell to the ground. You'd punched her, helping your friend off the ground.

She'd knocked her to the ground trying to take what meager possessions she had. She hadn't seen you coming.

I mean honestly, what kind of a freak steals from the poor when they're rich.

You didn't know she was rich then, of course. She was dressed in weathered clothes, like anyone in the lower districts.

You only found out she was important when your face was on every screen across Shiloh.

...And when that nice, young police officer almost hit you with her cattle prod. Your friend was home with her family, safe, so you ran.

You ran into the drainpipes, the pair of police reluctant to follow. Or at least the older one was, the younger one started climbing over the gate.

So now you're here.

...In the Sticks.

Walking farther into the territory, you glance back, before limping off into the forest. You know there's nothing left for you in the colony.

After what seems like forever, you see a girl with braided red hair sitting on a tree stump. She's humming to herself, before falling off the stump, startled by your presence.

"Who the Hell are you?!"

"I could ask you the same thing." you reply carefully, wondering what kind of child can survive in the Sticks. She can't be older than fourteen.

She narrows her eyes in suspicion. Getting up from the ground she stands about ten feet from you, arms crossed.

"Why ya out here?" The girl asks skeptically.

Deciding how much to reveal, and not wanting to scare off the child, you carefully reply "I got kicked out."

"What for?"

You hesitate, long enough for the girl to let a smirk play across her features.

"That bad huh?"

You look at the girl defiantly before lowering your eyes.

"Yeah, that bad." You look up at her. "Why're you out here?"

"Some friends."

You stand up straighter, aware of the possibility of an ambush. Glancing around you ask "Nice friends?"

She smirks, waving her hand as she talks. "Well... That depends. They're nice to me." She frowns, tilting her head. "Maybe not to you."

"If I were you, I'd run back there fast as you can."

But you're not me, and I don't have a choice.

You look at the girl, deciding these "friends" are either imaginary and a empty threat, or it's just a group of rebellious teenagers.

"It's been nice to meet you..?" You wave your hand in a sign of confusion.

"Name's Sid" The girl's gotten closer during their conversation, now only a couple of feet away.

"Nice to meet you Sid, I'm-"

You freeze mid-sentence, having seen the blonde man, with knives by his sides, walking towards the two of you from the trees.

"Run." You shout-whisper to the girl.

She turns around quickly, looking back at you with slightly sad, but otherwise indifferent, eyes.

"Go!" She pushes you in the opposite direction.

"Come with me!" You plea, at the edge of the tree line.

"Don't you get it, you idiot? That's my friend, now run!"

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