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lemniscate Community member
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I'm runnin' late again, the booth is dim, and it is cold, and me...


So many miles.

So many more.

I'm leaving behind

what I've left before.

I'm looking for something

I haven't yet found.

I don't know what I seek

but it's not been around.

So many places

I lived, loved, and left,

losing touch with my roots,

leaving my self bereft.

If I knew what I sought

could I be rooted now?

Will I ever find rest?

Will I ever know how?

Is it just my soul's urge

to seek things beyond sight,

ache for things I don't know,

to never feel all is right?

Will I know when I find it?

Will it feel different then?

Do I wish for that day?

Will that day be the end?

If I don't know my prize

how can I know the way?

Have I passed it before...

in my urge not to stay?

There's a tune in my heart,

That's been sung all along,

And I can't help but listen,

For that place to belong.

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