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A frown and a strike at some flint & tinder...

Creative Spark

What gets written

in these odd hours?

Does a drizzle turn to showers?

Are there sweet-smelling flowers?

Be this that "Field of Dreams?"

Or be those just high beams?

Either way, I'm smitten.

Could someone just show this kitten

where she lost her yarn...

No cause for alarm, just -

have you seen my arm?

I mean you no harm.

Through my smiles

see my trials;

but me, truly, I'm warm.

Shorn, though,

from a link that kept me cabled

to a fable

to a fable I've since tabled.

I fight to rewrite it, but

so far, I'm unable.

I know there's more

if I could just find a thread...

It's not dead.

It's right there in my head.

I can't put this shit to bed.

Damnit, light must be shed!

I've overcomplicated the worst of me,

and the best I've left unfed.

Where's that fuckin' thread??

It's my way back to

a solid rest in my bed;

a garden of dreams, drive, dares, desires,

where I stoke my eternal fire;

where I can plant my swirling, gnarled head.

I must get back soon,

I'm running awfully late...

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