The Impossible Psyche

The Impossible Psyche

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leleruski Pieces of my soul
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What are my feelings? I can no longer recall

The Impossible Psyche

My feelings are clouded by misery, dejection, fear, hesitation, rootless burden and disbelief What are my feelings? I can no longer recall My heart aches for a love never felt A love lost before being found

Miserere accordi Your beauty is profound Laced with majesty, heavy with melancholy Please heal me, please take the weight Let me break though from the depths to the surface

I long for the air to fill my burning aching lungs Weeping till my body can no longer move from the violent sobbing Intellect has been wasted on this pitiful creature The ability to build worlds Suffocated by the inability to believe it so

My greatest fear is to never achieve my dreams Only to hide away from them forever Love of self turns to inflated hateful ego Kindness abused, turns to self-hate Seeking approval from parasites, Mindless horrors void of vitality Turning inward only to betray myself again

The guilt that spreads like a rash Takes hold of my heart What did I do to deserve such guilt? What do I achieve by killing myself this way? A million suicides of the soul Only to be reborn over and over again To face the same fate

Oh why a conscience? Why not be a mindless parasite too? Cannot beat them cannot join them What soul is this, utterance of the cosmos wasted My weak flesh, my feeble mind, my broken empty heart

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