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the tinder's fling

Summer Fling

Summer Fling

Is this a summer fling?

I guess so, because we stop talking

I can still remember, the time my phone kept buzzing

It was you who said, "you are so pretty"

Your words were so sweet and comfy, like sunshine in the morning.

And I was naive, I took your words blindly and I believed

Believed that for so long that I kept looking, there you were, right in front of me

And I kept thinking, "should I dive into this?", because I was afraid I might let love walk pass me

Next thing I knew, I skipped my instinct, chose you over me.

We were at the movie, but I can't remember what's on the screen

Because your hand was moving slowly towards me, and held mine tightly

See? Wasn't this what we see on tv? When two people started dating.

And I thought, "what a beautiful beginning".

You said you were worried, knowing I was out there midnight drinking

You called and asked what time I will be home, I said maybe 30 more minutes

Then you went on and said, "but you just told me the same thing"

How silly, at that moment, I actually thought you were such a honey

Is this a summer fling?

I guess it might be, when your messages started cooling

Then it was me who get worried and panic, because you just stopped replying

I should have seen this coming, I should have seen this coming...

And in the end, all you were able to say to me is, "I guess I really need to clear things up in my mind"

For the first time in my life, I let love fools me

Oh, how silly, it's not love, it's just a summer fling

Where were we first kissing? Was it in your car or your room?

I can't remember it clearly, because I know, this is a summer fling.

And now I know, you mean nothing to me.

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