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How a mother would feel if her child is taken away from her?


I see you alone.

More like Lying there, on the floor, dead.

Blood splattered all around the room.

I see you lying there.

With a cut so deep in your hand.

It chills my spine

To see you lying there, dead.

I want you to talk to me

Now that i know you can't.

I want to listen to all your stories.

Now that i know I can't.

I want you to say " maa do you know what happened today? " Just like the way you did.

I want to see your smile , now that i know I can't.

I can see you lying there, dead.

I see your face has turned pale.

I see the sorrow you've always had.

But for once please talk to me!

Hold me tight. Cry your heart out

Just talk to me.

Seeing you like this rips my heart in two.

How could you end yourself like this?

For 9 months inside me I, held you.

Shared a bond just me and you.

Then why couldn't you tell me!

I want to be there for you .

Now that i know i cant.

I see you Lying there dead.

My heart fills with regret.

Tears come down my face when i realise

Its 365 days and my angel still dead.

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