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if love's a bike (dedicated to the Reddit article i don't remember the name of)

if love's a bike

(dedicated to the Reddit article i don't remember the name of)

the article said that loving is like riding a bicycle,

because you never really unlearn how to do it

i thought - what if you've been thrown off it over and over

that you grow into not wanting that bicycle,

like, at all?

because i often feel as if i'm still a little child,

afraid of bikes but still mounting one and being pushed

from behind -

and i'm still hitting my head and sides on everything,

thinking - if my bike is too slow or if i am too slow for the bike

if my friends are too passionate about the races or

if i'm too slack to take part in them

see, i'm tired of men who are trying to push my bike

further and harder than i want to

i'm tired of men who are too willing to win the race

and have me as a snack or a trophy waitng at the end of the road

i'm tired of men who don't listen when you tell them

you cannot move on anymore

i'm fed up with myself, attempting to step in their shoes,

letting them take the wheel and choose the right road

if love's a bike, i'm tired of it always having a dropped chain

and no brakes, i mean i'm tired of getting the wrong bike

again and again

well, maybe i just need to start rollerskating.

we'll see.

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