Beach Poet. A poem for young and sad souls with loud minds.
 Beach Poet.

A  poem for young and sad souls with loud minds. 
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leilastubbsCommunity member
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Do you hear voices, or need for silence? So do i but it never gives in. A sad little poem about conversations with myself and a side of heartbreak. I want to be crazy together.

Beach Poet. A poem for young and sad souls with loud minds.

Grainy sand crunches in between my toes. The white crashing waves soothe my soul. The pristine sun blinding my eyes with direct contact. But rays of golden light upon my skin.

The voices speak to me. However all negative. People tell me "3rd person is the first sign of insanity." The beach interests me. Two faces of one wave, but always still genuine. I couldn't say the same about people.

I wonder what its like. Growing up "normal." But one of my many voices speak. "You are normal" A soul as wide as mine appreciates the beach. We are alike in many ways. It's compassion and love will forever surround you. But it will also drown you with no guilt.

Your voice was calming until it got stuck in my head. My loupoll mind repeating every word you said. You helped me for a while planning everything we wanted to do. But everytime you leave me i swear i can hear you.

Now dont waste my time. Leave me behind. I know your plan. I am just a little flower child with hidden demons. Theyre loud in my head and i wish i could let you hear. Theyd make you a better you i think.

Its gross how i love you. Even though youre shit. Youre shittest shittness could crinkle my cheek. Love is like a fly trap. The fly trap is in my head. Are you real or have i created an imaginary friend?

I always had a good imagination. The voices are telling my voice to shut up.

But that is a battle i am not yet done fighting.

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