The boy he once was
The boy he once was proud stories

leilaskidmoreCreative. Sensitive. Introvert. Dreamer.
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The boy he once was

by leilaskidmore

My heart is pounding. I'm waiting.

It's his turn soon.

His name is called.

He walks forward, and sits down on the bench. My stomach swirls with a thousand butterflies inside.

Music fills the air. A song I've heard a hundred times now.

I exhale. I had not noticed before that I was holding my breath. My heart slows. I relax. I listen and enjoy.

I think of how he's grown. How time has passed so quickly.

A babe in my arms one moment, blink an eye and he's a man. Capable. Strong. Smart. But still a child. Still my child.

I listen to the song, tears in my eyes now. I would listen

A hundred times again. My eyes are watching him perform, poised and talented. But I am seeing in my mind the small boy he once was, not so long ago.

I will hide the tears when he returns to his seat.

He won't yet understand them, not yet Instead, I will smile. I will squeeze his arm, and I will tell him how well he played.

I will meet his gaze, and will try to find words which match

The quiet pride which fills me. Bursting inside. I am overwhelmed.

Proud of the boy he once was

And so proud of the man he is becoming.

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