I can't, but I can
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leilaskidmore Creative. Sensitive. Introvert. Dreamer.
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Love lost

I can't, but I can

by leilaskidmore

I can't follow you. I never saw you leave.

The goosebumps on my skin gave away your presence, and your absence. I felt you there.

Hiding in the shadows.

You were unaware that I was aware.

I can't speak to you. I never heard your voice.

Mine echoed through the room.

My tone was light, my words empty.

Speaking for the sake of filling up the space, but saying nothing all the while.

I can't hold you. I never felt your touch.

I saw your reflection on the wall. My hand reached out.

I had hoped to feel the warmth of your skin under mine.

Instead I felt cold.

But I can.

I can hold your heart close to mine. Even though you're gone from me now.

And I can love you. Even though you don't

Love me in return.

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