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leilaskidmore Creative. Sensitive. Introvert. Dreamer.
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A twist on toys.

Don't Play

"My head hurts" she said. And so does my heart, she thought.

He looked at her with a blank expression on his face.

"I do love you, in a way". He responded back.

She answered, with silence. A thousand words ran through her mind. Wounded emotion hung heavy between them, creating a distance too far to be crossed.

There was nothing more to be said.

He sighed, and stood. Awkwardly, he reached out his hand to pat her on the shoulder. He turned towards the door.

Then he stopped. Turning back to look at her, his expression softened.

She knew what he saw. Her eyes red rimmed, tear tracks still visible on her cheeks. Dark brown hair, disheveled. Shoulders slumped. Defeated. Vulnerable.

He reached out his hand again, this time reaching for her cheek. His thumb stroked slowly down the soft skin. Her breath caught in her throat.

A swift movement of her head. His hand fell back. Her eyes blazed, cold, into his. Her gaze pierced into him as she spoke.

"My heart is not a toy" she said. Her voice was ice. "Don't play".

And just as swiftly she stood, reached for the door, And was gone.

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