Sonder, a word maybe some of you have never heard.
Sonder, a word maybe some of you have never heard.  seperate stories

leighannamarieh Artistic in a pretty generic way.
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I came across a list of emotions people don’t have a name for, and this one was on the list. I actually feel this quite often and decided to go ahead and write a poem. I’m not much of a poet so bare with me! Anyway, I know it’s kinda long but please read!! Thank you so much!!

Sonder, a word maybe some of you have never heard.

An emotion some of you have felt but were never able to name.



What is their name?

The girl walking down the sidewalk, with hair brighter than the sun and shoes darker than the night - what is her name?

The man rushing out the door, hailing for a cab, hoping that he just might make it on time - what is his name?

The people we pass by every day, the people we see get off at different stops than ours, the people we watch cry with a phone pressed to their ear, as we wonder what could have been on the other end - what are their names?

Who are they?

Who are their children?

Who are their parents?

Do they have a dog?

Are they married?

Have they lost someone?

Are they lost?

Do they own a house?

Do they walk to work everyday?

Do they pray to God every night for a miracle?

Are they hungry?

Are they trying?

Do they have a bed to sleep in?

Who do they call for help?

Do they cry themselves to sleep every night?

Who are they?!

Who are they.....

Sonder; The realization that every passerby has a life just as complex, and just as vivid as your own.

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