Search of my dead friend
Search of my dead friend horror stories

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This is a , Uh.. horror w/ thriller story? or I would probably say it a kiddos story, but... it... is interesting and I hope ya guys love it.

Search of my dead friend


It is the time I am to go back to my native. It was about 5 months I've been in this city. Here is where i come to college. I stay in a hostel and I had a best friend here called Davie.

He stayed in the city so he did not have to carry the burden of staying in the hostel and waking up early in the morning.

We were properly introduced when we both were paired for an activity of science. He was not shy at all like the other 8th graders and was charming.

We soon became so close that whenever I or he gets bored, we just walk into his house and play games in his PC. It was not a good one, but it was good enough to run smaller games.

(which is the average capacity of all 4GB ram PC's) So we seldom played games like Witcher 3 or Fortnite. But the real fun isn't in the games we play but the way we actually do things.

We frequently had to control a single game in the same time as he doesn't have 2 PC's. (It is a gamers stuff so you may probably don't understand the feel)

So I think now you are being properly introduced to him. (I can do nothing even if you are not) So wait till tomorrow for the further info.


Now I left in the intro right. I probably don't care if you have understood or not. Lets get it going. Now after we became so close you know teenagers love dares I hope so that is what was even with us.

It was dark and cold in the night. What you are asking is a good question but I never mentioned he is here. but I gave a dare and as he is smart he completed his dare but gave me another in exchange.

The dare was dangerous in both cases. First let me explain the dare then the dangers. The dare was to go to the forest and take a selfie(The forest is forbidden). It might seem casual but is really hard. There is a single danger in this case (And it is not wild animals). The danger is the fear of SOME teachers probably as no one wishes to get scolding or beaten up by those people who really don't know what fun is.

But a dare is a dare and should not be broken. So I went up there that night and took a selfie and ran back to the school as soon as possible. But it was a great chaos as everything felt abnormal at the night. The next day was my unforgettable day in my school career but not in a good way of course.

I was called to the Head office by the principal. And to my surprise my friend Davie was there too. I came to know 2 things at once. 1st that I was in a complete trouble stuck with my best friend and the next was that it was related to the last night and I guessed it right! The exclamatory was not a mention of joy of course. But how did they know about last night ?

"I never expected it from you both but.. Blah Blah Blah Blah"The principal talks his warning blabber but lets get straight to the matter."What do you mean by this dear student ?". He shows my insta post which I never even remember that I posted but it was posted yesterday and the content was !!!!

"#challenge completed" with my selfi on on it taken last night !! I am filled with terror and disgrace. Why the **** should I have did that. I am sure a featherbrained alien. But luckily we were excused for the one last time. But I sure disappointed Davie and don't know how to convince him.

Back in our room, silent as a grave we sat upon our couches waiting for a break of silence by someone . Luckily it was him. We really did not have a long fight like how the girls did. All that we had was a bit of talk and some fun. We were never serious at anything (except for surprise tests)

That's it for today see you tomorrow


Here's an FYI We always play dares and he would give me one for that night but today we are certainly afraid that we took a serious but easy decision. NO MORE DARES !! Actually I did not cry in joy but in anguish.

So we thought of something new and for your kind info it has been 3 months since we were friends. We had an agreement, we will do a single task for daily for a month and a new task will be given the next month.

So i gave him and easy one and he did the same as it was the first day of the agreement.

But the next month was not easy at all and remember this is the 4th month and your question of 'Why am I going back to my native before school ends ?', will be answered here. The next task accord to agreement which I gave to him was easy as usual but what he gave to me.

He said me to take selfies with the forest everyday !! I thought he will never utter a word about that freaking thing anymore but he give it to me as a task and he demands me of no t to post the pics in social media like 2 months before. But a pledge can't be broken and I am stuck for sure.

And as usual I got stuck but this time it was not social media, it was the , wait lemme see his face and it is the ... watch man. Both to the office once again. The teacher says "Blah Blah Blah", Let's come back to the matter."As it is the second time of the same matter a punishment is much deserved". Oh god we are DEAD.

Let's get back to the punishment, the old man is scratching his head for a good punishment. And he snaps his finger. Oh no he's got an idea which is of no good and I definitely hope it is evil. He calls the watchman and whispers something and says to get us back to class. So are we escaped. Oh yes.

Then the watchman comes to our room that night, Oh no. He asks,"Are you ready for the punishment?",with an evil grin. We are gone or shall I say 'done'. He takes us back to the forest !! He deserves a punishment definitely. But he says this is the punishment and shows us a room in the center of the forest. We were supposed to stay there till morning.

And he just locks us in and we are scared a lot. Is this guy trying to kill us? And he went back to school? So we should wait till he comes in the morning which is absolutely stupid. By the way it does not seem like a punishment but a place where we can shout anything with no objections. But yes we did not do it but instead we had a long chat all day long.

But the stupid man kept the key inside the window which i only noticed at 10 pm. But anyway we've got it and we are done with this nasty room. We opened the room in a slow, steady way. Checked if someone was there then... just ran!! We ran. ran. and ran till we were stuck literally by the teacher.

Punishment once again, but this time it was an easy one. Just 20 push ups and 1 week suspend. In this one week something great happened. Before a week was end we had many calls but after 3 days of punishment there was no response and after a week end I received the news that he is lost.

I think I am carrying this story in a good, smooth way anyway lets get back. I was really sad but after 3 periods of math we received a news.

After 2 days of the incident it was summer, when I planed to stay with Davie,but was returing home. You could ask me what happened to Davie and a answer to that is he is dead.

I thought of visiting his parents for one last and there did I find this. A LETTER. Written 'meet me at the forest'.


I went up to the forest with the letter little terrified but stubborn to find my friend and there was a sheet of paper lying near the nasty room where we were made to stay up. I took the paper and in all of a sudden a net appeared from knowhere, oh sorry it definitely did not come from space so it is nowhere.

And while you were listening to me I was stuck in some animal net. And then a man comes whom I ask help but he just laughs like a stupid. So I am stuck in the right net which means the net was laid for me. But, why?

He dragged me up to somewhere and put me in a corner. And in another corner lay someone. And he was Davie and he is still alive and I shouted in joy,"You are still alive",to which the man calmly replied,"Only for a few hours until I kill you both by my own hands". I was terrified and so was Davie. We asked him why and he said...

"You guys remember this place?" he asked, I noticed a bit and said 'the place where we stayed up for a few hours for punishment'. He explained us something and this was it.

He and his bro lived here and the day we were here he was in his grandparents house and his bro was here hunting. Suddenly he was being chased by some wild animal. He ran up to this house but to his disgrace the door was locked and we were inside.

His plan was to throw the key of the house with him inside and shout to us. But when he threw the key, just after the moment he was killed. That is how we got the key of the room. This whole scene was recorded in a CCTV camera.

For this came his elder bro to revenge. But he was too late as I had my watch which was gifted to me and it had GPS trackers within. We heard the screech of the wheels of a police car. He tried his best to kill us fast, but due to the sudden fear he just freezed.

We were saved by the police and he was behind the bars waiting for his release to kill us. Dave and we were together back at the school with a more lots of fun. And then did I notice my watch not to be found and it contained details like my address and mobile number. Back at somewhere after release the man had the watch waiting eagerly for the right time.

Whatever happens let's see it later. Until then this is TheLegend and my first post is successfully completed Don't forget to subscribe my YouTube channel: (Contains gaming videos)

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