Search of my dead friend (literally alive) -2 (part 1)
Search of my dead friend (literally alive) -2 (part 1)
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Hey guys search of my dead friend 2 is out and wait for the part 2 of search of my dead friend 2.

Search of my dead friend (literally alive) -2 (part 1)

As we've seen in the last part, the 2 friends cleverly escaped the Tall man. But the last part we have been calling a friend as 'I' but this time we could use my name instead of 'I', so our new name is 'Akhil'.

Anyway so as Akhil and Davie escaped from the tall man, they carelessly left their major identity.

And to their fate the man got his bail soon with help of his own gang of hunters. As soon as he got his bail he started to work on a plan to cure his sorrow of his brother's death.

He had the boy's address and planned to get there and cure their rivalry after next week. This was 'cuz the nxt week is the start of summer holidays and they can kill 'em easily.

But the boys had a different plan of spending time together in Davie's house. So only Akhil's parents will be staying home.

Time passed soon. The tall man headed towards his rival's house while Akhil was already in Davies house.

It was noon when the tall, scary man reached Akhil's house and found out that no one except his parents were home. And at this time Akhil's father was not home to due to a urgent work.

The man starts to think of what to do to his his rival's mom. And decided found what to do.

Until search of the dead friend 2 (part 2)

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