D O N ' T F E E L.
D O N ' T  F E E L. pain stories

lefthook wattpad: @lefthook
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issa trap

D O N ' T F E E L.

sea; salty, unclean

filled with shards, pieces

like a puzzle destroyed by grubby, little hands

i was never not u n b r o k e n

let it be said

for once, i have finally spoken

and make notice, take note

do you understand and or think me a joke?

i'm just trying, we're all only trying, vying

for attention from pretty boys

or pretty girls

and beautiful souls with broken bones

yet there is no love

for the brokenhearted

much like there is no rest for the w i c k e d

no love for the kids left crooked by the knuckles of fists made bloody

don't feel. it is poison.

it's a trap, it is p o i s o n.

i felt and i cried my eyes are never dry anymore.

don't feel, do you ever wanna stop hurting?

do you never wanna stop aching?

D O N 'T. F E E L.

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