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Wandering through this town where everyone is too involved

5 am thoughts

Wandering through this town

where everyone is too involved

Where they keep asking

What you dont want to talk about

Floating between whats right and whats wanted

too many thoughts too many feelings

living with a soul that's been haunted

true emotions need concealings

Can't think clear

Subtly in fear

slightly afraid

Of being played

Admiring wild flowers

But putting them in pots

Where they're easy to watch

And ready to wither.

How can something strengthen

and weaken you at the same time

How can there still be surprises

If everything seems so predictable

But even in a town like this

People can't be controlled

There are signs that you miss

that put your heart on hold

Dont want to get hurt

So you hurt yourself

thinking it is better this way

When its not

You're playing the role you grew into

And it feels like you belong

Between familiarity and restraint

Affection and pretence

They are the people that know you best

Know you longest

That care about you and your problems

for satisfaction of their drama addiction

How to distinguish the real from the fakeness

fake care is better than no care at all

it means you're not alone.


No distractions left.

I dont wanna go.

But it hurts to stay

It hurts either way.

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