and so it grows
and so it grows button poetry stories

leandrapedretti Community member
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we sleep in shades of grey never fully asleep

and so it grows

we sleep in shades of grey

never fully asleep

never fully awake

diffusing in and out of dreams together

we push

and pull

the bedsheets from one side to the other

a tug of love

i fold into you and you fold back

and so it grows

every moment is a touchable moment

when i push

you pull

magnetic hands find each other in the dark

love snoozes the alarm

and lets us wake up to each other

and so it grows

i confide in you as if my words were invisible ink

that only the lamp on your bedside table can uncover

i write on your body with gentle bite marks

and butterfly kisses

maybe just to remind myself that i was here

that this happened

and so it grows

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