Let's make an Undertale AU shall we?
Let's make an Undertale AU shall we? undertale stories
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leahtaylor Community member
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Let's make an Undertale AU shall we?

(Inspired by Glitchtale)

Step one: create a main character. I'll go with Kindness/ Green SOUL

Step two:Create an Antagonist. I'll go with... Hmm.... How about Mettaton? And Asgore

3: Create a setting Hotland and the barrier?

4:STORY/ plit Hmmm, Kindness(let's call her Eva) accidentally ruins one of Mettaton's shows


My name is Eva. I fell into the underground a couple days ago. I've been pretty obsessed with this cool robot, Mettaton

I begged Toriel to let me see a live show. She eventually let me, but i had to wear an itchy disguise

So, i got there, but i tripped over a light, knocking it over and causing a chain reaction

Anyway, MTT HATES me now. I've been on the run for ages

Weird. I'm i this room. I think i see the sun! Is this the barrier? I take a step forward but a trident is pressed to my throat

So now there's this big guy with armor in front of me. He must be the king. He seems to be.... Crying? I reach out and place my hand on his shoulder

He looks up at me. I smile. "I'm sorry to do this" he says. Next thing i know, his trident is through my chest. Then, I'm dead.

The end!

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