Chasing Perfection
Chasing Perfection poet woman poetry feelit emotions imsorry perfection flaws stories

leahrussell Writer, artist, hypnotist, coach, healer
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The fight against being who you want to be.

Chasing Perfection

Sometimes I'm lonely, Sometimes I'm fine. Sometimes I rest, Or insomnia keeps me up at night.

Sometimes I'm on a high, Sometimes I'm on a low. Sometimes I want to do nothing, Or I'm motivated to grow.

Sometimes I love myself. Sometimes I hate. Sometimes I'm ugly, Or I'm easy to embrace.

Sometimes I'm complicated, Sometimes so smooth. Sometimes I'm in denial, Or stuck in the truth.

Sometimes I'm not easy to love, Sometimes I love too much. Sometimes I don't give a fuck, Or I'm just crushed.

I may not be perfect....

But I can promise you this;

I'm aware of my flaws and failures....

And trying to work on this shit!!

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