Burning Bridges
Burning Bridges romance heartbreak gone sad lost crazy mistakes stories

leahrussell Writer, artist, hypnotist, coach, healer
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When you're so lost, so sad, so angry at yourself.... Crazy is my name.

Burning Bridges

Sittin' under the stars watching the tequilla sunrise.

Thinkin' bout' life and sippin' her wine.

Lookin' for the answers in the whisky, one shot at a time.

Singin' her drunkin' lullabye of sorrow cry by cry.

She lost all of herself, and hasn't found it in the bottle.

So she gets more out, and settles for a double.

Trying to feel great, but her heart just feels awful.

Trying to prove to love, her love is colossal.

She's a strong woman, but that man made her weak.

Wants to find calm, but her heart just won't sleep.

Missing all of him - he was such a treat.

But her crazy got her crazy now her love is obsolete.

If only sorry was so magical, it would take it all away.

Every time she says it, she's filled with guilt and pain.

Dreaming and hoping that things can be the same.

He's everything she wanted, all she had to gain.

....But crazy got the propane, and put it up in flames.

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